Our Values

Here at Skiin cosmetics UK we’re devoted to creating an amazing experience for all of our customers. That’s why in everything we do we hold you at the forefront and to help us, we’ve adopted the help of 5 core values to ensure we’re keeping you and our planet happy. 🌱
We’ve adopted the approach of CHICS to help us educate everybody about what our company stands for, clarify our business identity and unite our customers and employees as one family.  



An organisation's culture consists of shared beliefs and values. Skiin Cosmetics ideas, customs and social behaviours are all centered around feel good products and experiences for EVERYBODY, regardless of their race, sexuality, gender and ability! Therefore, we guarantee to offer the most luxurious, vegan, and cruelty free products with the best quality to ensure all of our customers enhance their true beauty. 



Here at Skiin Cosmetics we are devoted to being humble despite how far our business grows. We understand that we are all different yet equal, because of this we enjoy giving back to the community to share what we have with those less fortunate. That's why we donate 10% of our income to a different charity every month.   



Integrity is a state of being whole and undivided, where honesty and a strong push on ethical principles is key. Integrity allows you to genuinely feel good about yourself and live with a sense of joy, peace of mind and happiness. For Skiin Cosmetics integrity helps build our reputation and ensures people trust and engage with our business, keeping everybody happy.



We love having a strong relationship with our customers and so communication is a must! From our social media platforms to our news section and about us page, we have a fully transparent relationship with our customers as we love to keep you up to date with our newest business changes, product releases and exciting news! Customer communication helps to boost our company to the next level as we’ve established customer loyalty and grown the customer base we know and love. Remember if you need us we’re just a DM away.. 


At Skiin Cosmetics we keep it simple and that’s why sustainability is a must! 

Sustainability improves the quality of our lives, protects our ecosystems and preserves natural resources for future generations. A green business functions in the best interests of the local and global environment, meaning it supports the community and economy dependent on a healthy planet. Going green and sustainable supports the planet long-term and that’s why our products are all hand packaged in easily recyclable material to help our brand be more environmentally friendly. 


- Skiin Cosmetics UK -